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James Bonadies

Former Business Education Teacher in a High School and after getting married in 2009, he followed the "traditional route" and got his MBA in Administration and Supervision. Soon after he became a Vice Principal. 

Realizing education wasn't going to pay the bills, he pursued a long and arduous hunt for making money online. After years of struggle he found the only Logical Business Model that works, and works for anyone willing to put in the work. 

After starting his Agency in 2014, he quickly hit 7 figures a year, and knew the aspiring entrepreneur needed to learn this type of business. One of the fastest online programs to hit 8 figures, and one of the longest running local marketing programs on the internet today. He attributes the longevity to putting the student first, and caring about anyone who wants to be coached.

James also owns over $7 M in Real Estate ranging from properties in NJ and OH. 

Jason McKim

After years of trying and failing, he finally said “The hell with it” and got a job as a financial consultant. Commission only wasn’t what he wanted, but it was his only choice at that time. After a few big sales he was flying high until he couldn’t sell another thing. Broke, freshly married he started dabbling in internet marketing. After learning a little bit about SEO, he took a job at a law firm doing their marketing. After getting really good at running ads, doing SEO, he started to grab clients on the side to make extra money. 

Money was dripping in, and then one day his law firm said they needed to downsize. At first he wasn’t to thrilled about that entire scenario until the firm asked him if he could continue to run their marketing, but on retainer rather than payroll. That was the turning point. He soon realized that 90% of businesses rather pay people like him to do their marketing so they didn’t have to pay for insurance, payroll taxes and fund the employees retirement. 

He took this as a green light to go buck wild finding other businesses to do marketing for. After years of getting clients, making good money and becoming an expert in SEO and Paid traffic, he met me. 😉 

8 Figure Award

Our Coaching Program achieved 8 figures in 2 short years, and has doubled in the last 12 months.

7 Figure Award

The backbone to our students' success is having a proven method and vehicle to model after. That is why we still run our own Agency to date.

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